How To Optimize Your Website To Rank For Multiple Locations

People have this assumption that big brands and businesses always have the best rankings. This may be true for some, but when it comes to using non-branded keywords and search queries, this is simply not the case. Streamlining individual marketing programs may prove itself to be rather difficult, especially when working with multiple locations, as each market caters to a specific, often different demographic. That said, here are some tactics and strategies you can use to achieve a high ranking for multiple locations at once. Continue reading

Why Every Business Should Have At least 5 Google Reviews

As Google gets more and more user-oriented, reviews are becoming increasingly important in how people decide which service to use. One of the most decisive factors in what makes people trust a business is the aggregate review rating.

When it comes to Google reviews, there seems to be a minimum number that all businesses should have. Not three, not twenty – but at least five.

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5 Innovative Ways to Market Your Local Business to Millennials

The so-called millennial generation, comprising of people born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, may be a great target market for your local business. This group of young people is a major consumer group – they are around 77.5 million strong, with $1.7 billion in spending power.

What is great for local businesses is the fact that, according to Randal Research, millennials don’t trust big businesses. Instead, they prefer to know more about where the purchased products are coming from and who is behind them. This article will give you five different strategies to market your local business to this specific target market.

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Google Search Updates : AMP Carousels, Rich Cards for Online Courses and Real Time ‘Popular Times’ Data

Google seems to be rolling out a lot of changes lately! Here are some exciting Google Search Updates that happened very recently –

However, the biggest (and perhaps the coolest!) update from Google is what Gregor J.Rothfuss has termed as the “neatest things maps has launched this year.”

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