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101 WordPress Themes For Local Businesses


If you own a business and don’t have a website, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that your business doesn’t exist! In this era of digitization, companies and people are constantly turning to the internet for information. A whooping 3 billion people now use the internet – to search for information, to purchase a product and to sell their products. Having a website for your business will...

7 Alternative Social Media Channels for Small Businesses


Social media is the problem; it is also the solution. 78% of the U.S population has at least one social network profile and the average social media user has five accounts! Not only that, over 57% of social media users agree that they make a purchase decision based on reviews about the brand. So, where does your business stand? Do you have the power to move your customers through social media? As...

The Business Owners Guide To Bad Review Management


As a business owner, it’s never easy to see someone bash your business online just because of one less-than-perfect experience with your product or service. Before you call up your lawyer to see if you can win a defamation case against Ms.X for saying so and so, let’s address the issue at hand. Someone was dissatisfied with your product/service and is talking about it. Now, what are you going to...

25 Local SEO Tools To Improve Your Ranking


Local SEO isn’t as easy as it used to be anymore, and for you to succeed in ranking in the six-pack, it’s important to use the right tools for the trade. After all, what would a professional be without the right tools?

In this blog post, we curate twenty five of the best Local SEO Tools that you can use to make life easier.

Speaking to Robots – 5 Local SEO Schema To Use


Quite simply, schema is what makes your search results useful for Google and, sometimes, for users too. It’s a way of telling search engines more information for it to use. This is best seen when schema displays in search results: However, not all schema creates rich snippets or links like this. Most of them are simply little messages to crawler bots as to the exact content of the page. For now...

Top 7 Reasons SEO Is a Wise Investment for Your Business


Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices can greatly improve your business’ search engine rankings and eventually, lead generation. Assigning the best keywords and anticipating the way customers search for your business are important strategies for online marketing. Similar to traditional marketing techniques, SEO cannot happen haphazardly and requires constant and steady investment of...

How to Recraft Your Small Business’ Local SEO in 2018


The best part of the end of every year is how you get to start over, and the trends that have shaped local SEO in 2018 for small businesses has “new beginnings” all over it. In this day and age, consumers have several resources at their disposal to find business information and make an informed purchase decision. In light of such developments, search is aimed to become hyper-focused and hyper...

15 Holiday Season Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Small Business


After Thanksgiving in November, December continues to keep the holiday season going. People are all going to be ready to take off for the holidays, visit their near and dear ones, light up the menorah, decorate the Christmas tree, etc.  Although the highlight of the holiday season is the rampant shopping that takes place. And that’s more than reason enough for you to step-up your small...

21 Local SEO Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore


Local search engine optimization (local SEO) can be a significant factor in helping small businesses improve their visibility on search engines. Google rankings, reviews, and listings in online directories all work to increase a customer’s trust in a business. When a company is providing services to their local community, trust and recognition mean a lot. People conduct local searches to find...

How to Promote Your Business Using Google Posts


Using Google Posts is a great means to promote your business online. It is a neat setup fitted into your Google My Business profile that allows you to present your content. What began as an exclusive means to present election information for US presidential candidates for Google search results in 2016, expanded to businesses as well. Now business owners have a chance to use this feature to their...

How To Optimize Your Website To Rank For Multiple Locations


People have this assumption that big brands and businesses always have the best rankings. This may be true for some, but when it comes to using non-branded keywords and search queries, this is simply not the case. Streamlining individual marketing programs may prove itself to be rather difficult, especially when working with multiple locations, as each market caters to a specific, often different...