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Local SEO isn’t as easy as it used to be anymore, and for you to succeed in ranking in the six-pack, it’s important to use the right tools for the trade. After all, what would a professional be without the right tools?

In this blog post, we curate twenty five of the best Local SEO Tools that you can use to make life easier.


  1. Synup

Tool Overview:

Synup is an integrated tool-set that includes local listing management, review monitoring as well as analytics.

The interesting thing about the Synup software is that it probably has the most comprehensive list of directories that you can check, to see if you have existing citations on them as well as create or fix listings on.

Citation building is often the most time consuming part of Local SEO and this tool can save you many hours which you’d have to otherwise spend manually identifying citations and fixing them.


Cost: $25/month

  1. Yext

Tool Overview:

Yext is probably the first and only completely automated local listing management solution in the market. They’re great if you’re trying to get your listing data populated immediately and also offer the ability to update your information in real-time.

Yext also offers review monitoring, analytics and widgets in addition to local listing management.


Cost: $500 per location per year; additional $499 per year for duplicate suppression

  1. MozLocal

Tool Overview:

Moz has introduced a tool which not only manages your local listings, but also helps you to claim and verify your listing submissions.

It works closely with data aggregators to push listings and ensure that your business is visible.

moz local alternative

Cost: $84 per year per location

  1. UBL

Tool Overview:

They provide a combination of direct and aggregator submissions for listings and offer their services in Canada, UK and Australia as well as the US.

UBL offers audit reporting to find any incorrect information about your business online and visibility reporting to identify any mentions of your business on the internet.

Cost: $79 per year

  1. WhiteSpark

Tool Overview:

They offer a great tool called CitationFinder to help you build citations on directories of your choice and clean up duplicate listings.

With just the location and key phrases you need, you can track your rankings, your competitors’ rankings and also export your results into a report.

whitespark alternative

Cost: $20 per month

  1. BrightLocal

Tool Overview:

BrightLocal has a user-friendly interface to set up campaigns, choose the citations you want and obtain detailed reports on your progress.

They operate in the US, Canada, Australia and UK.

brightlocal alternative

Cost: $20 per month for up to 3 locations.

  1. Vendasta

Tool Overview:

Vendasta has a white labelled reputation management tool called Presence Builder which you can use to verify your listings as well as monitor your online reviews.

It combines three key aspects of a company’s digital presence: listing distribution, profile syncing on social media, and a mobile friendly location page.

vendasta alternative

Cost: $65 per location per month

  1. Local Site Submit

Tool Overview:

Local Site Submit helps you improve your organic search results by creating and fixing your listings on local directories.

Once you enter your data into their system, they manually submit your information to 50+ directories and ensure consistency in NAP. All the content relevant to your business is collected and optimized for local search success.

local site submit alternative

Cost: The initial cost is $150 and an additional $20 each month.

  1. Placeable

Tool Overview:

Placeable offers a tool called Workbench to automate the process by which your location data is updated and enriched.

It allows you to import this information and evaluate the quality of the data, monitor your progress and certify your location data. It’s also great for improving your content and automatically publishing it onto your landing pages.

placeable alternative

Cost: Their plans start at $2 per location per month with a platform fee of $299

  1. SinglePlatform

Tool Overview:

SinglePlatform makes it easy to control your listings by updating all your information such as NAP, menus, products and services all through a single dashboard.

It also allows you to publish the same information to various search engines, review sites and apps.

Cost: $99 per month

  1. Localeze

Tool Overview: 

Localeze can help your business improve its visibility by distributing your listings to 150+ local directories and search engines.

Their platform ensures that you can verify, manage and enhance your listings across the web. Being one of the major aggregators of local data information, you can use their service to update your feed every month and they will update it on various sites.

Cost: $25 per month per location

  1. Removeem

Tool Overview:

Removeem is a great way to find bad links through a link audit. 

It identifies all the bad links on your site and creates a list of the bad domains to contact, requesting the removal of these links. Once the processing is complete, you get a report to submit to the Disavow Links tool to completely remove bad links.


Cost: $249 per website or $99 per month as a subscription

  1. SEMrush

Tool Overview:

SEMrush has an extensive database of keywords and domains which can be used to analyze what exactly drives traffic to a particular site.

It is great for a competitive analysis of rankings on specific keywords. It can also be used to create content that matches what users are looking for to further improve your site’s traffic.


Cost: $70 per month

  1. Ahrefs

Tool Overview:

Ahrefs is a great link building tool which can also help you audit your site for any link based penalties.

They offer many tools which essentially crawl websites, track backlinks, monitor your social media content, analyzes the all data and finally, provides you with reports which can tell you how to move forward with your marketing strategy.

ahrefs keyword explorer

Cost: $79 per month

  1. Keywordtool.io

Tool Overview:

This tool does a great job of identifying the words you should use in the content on your website based on Google’s auto-complete feature. Their database of longtail keywords helps you identify what users generally search for and how often they do so.

This is very useful in obtaining higher rankings based on having content which users are already searching for.


Cost: You can search keywords for free, but for proper reporting their plans start at $48 per month

  1. Google Webmaster

Tool overview:

Google has come up with their own way of monitoring your site’s rankings on their search engine and helping you add or delete content to crawl.

It shows you how google, along with the rest of the world, sees your website.

Cost: Free

  1. PageSpeed Insights 

Tool Overview:

The loading time of your site also affects your rankings on Google. So they have also come up with a tool of their own to check your website’s load time and offer suggestions on how to reduce it.

Cost: Free

  1. Schema Creator

Tool Overview:

Google and other search engines have set a standard for structured data on websites called schema. It helps the site crawl your page with ease.

This tool can be used to create the right schema for your website to get the best rankings on SERPs.

schema creator

Cost: Free

  1. Schema Scanner

Tool Overview:

Schema guides search engines to interpret the information on your site and display the relevant pages during a search.

 The Schema Scanner can tell you what content on your site has schema and also identifies where it needs to be added.

Cost: Free

  1. CopyScape

Tool Overview:

 Having duplicate content on your site is a sure-fire way to lose your rankings on SERPs.

Copyscape is an easy way to check whether your site has original content. It can also be used to find any plagiarism off your site anywhere else on the web.


Cost: Free to use basic features and $0.05 per search for the premium package which includes a more thorough plagiarism checker.

  1. SiteLiner

Tool Overview:

Duplicate or low quality content can also exist on your own site. SiteLiner finds all the duplicate content, broken links and 404 pages within your own website.

Cost: Free


Tool Overview:

This web app can help you see your website as a search engine would see it without all the extra distractions.

It focusses on the bare HTML on the page to make it possible to view the structure of the page and how well it is optimized to certain search terms.


Cost: Free

  1. XML Sitemaps

Tool Overview:

This tool generates sitemaps for your website, in both XML (to submit to search engines and help them crawl your site better) and HTML (for your visitors to navigate your site). 

Cost: Free

  1. Yoast SEO Plugin

Tool Overview:

This tool helps you optimize your website by creating better titles, meta descriptions, and canonical tags.

It also creates XML sitemaps and permalinks to ensure a better user experience for your site.


Cost: Free

  1. Link Prospector

Tool Overview:

Citation Labs has brought out a tool that can help your business in its outreach program.

The Link Prospector identifies which links can improve your rankings, and places them at the top of your prospects list.  This simplifies the process of connecting to the right opportunities so that you can link your pages, obtain guest posts and reviews, or even discover sponsorship opportunities.


Cost: Pay as you go with $2 per credit (1 report per credit)

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