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If you are a small business looking to build a brand for yourself, Facebook should be the most important tool in your armory. Over 1.09 billion people log onto Facebook everyday to scroll through their news feed. To put this into context, if Facebook were a country, it would be the most populous nation on earth! With its user base and tools, Facebook can help you create a loyal customer following. Also, many local businesses have harnessed the power of Facebook to let their customers know what they stand for and have reaped much in terms of ROI.

If you need some inspiration to get started with an awesome Facebook campaign, read on. We have listed some of the successful Facebook campaigns run by small businesses.


It is definitely not an easy task to talk about poop on Facebook. Squatty Potty, a company based in Utah, smashed all stereotypes when they started a conversation about poop on Facebook. Squatty Potty launched a video featuring two epic characters both of which are now pop culture icons – the Prince of Poop and the magical unicorn ‘Dookie’. When half of the world was annoyed with Facebook’s auto play feature, the video leveraged this option to show rainbow poop spiraling out of the unicorn’s butt. This one viral video helped Squatty Potty’s business and engagement skyrocket.


A small wool shop in Reno Nevada and a group of knitters stole the show at Sundance and on Facebook with incredible content and shareable videos. Jimmy Beans Wool was contacted by the producer of “Eddie the Eagle” featuring Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman to promote this film among the knitting community. What Jimmy Beans Wool managed to achieve with this unique PR opportunity was incredible – they launched a short knitting video clip, “The Knitting Olympics”, starring Hugh Jackman and Egerton. Jimmy Wool’s employees got to knit sweaters for Hugh Jackman and the brand made crocheting chic again!

The result – 2.8 million video views with a cost of just $0.01 per video view!


This is a story of one unusual business and how they made it big on Facebook even with the limited marketing budget and business size.

Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm is a local business based in East Sussex. They sell Christmas Trees to local people and operate only during November and December. A small business with such unusual stature was able to increase the number of recurring customers significantly through Facebook. Through their Facebook page, Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm not only promoted local business but also engaged in a conversation with local customers promote brand awareness. They also ran a campaign where people had to upload pictures of their Christmas trees which became viral in no time.

Blueberry Public Relations, a communications and marketing agency based in Sussex, helped Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm execute this campaign.


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YEAR13’s #IAmNotANumber

Year13 is a website specializing in providing post school options in Australia. They wanted to let Australian students know that ATAR scores, an important criterion for entry to undergraduate programs, do not define a student. This company also wanted to spread awareness about Year 13, a gap year between completing high school and joining an undergraduate program. Year13 started the #IAmNotANumber campaign, a strategy that proved to be meaningful and sustainable. Year13’s widely shared video portrayed students who opted for a year gap and conveyed a powerful message that ATAR scores does not define a student. With only this, Year13 garnered over 117,388 video views and thousands of likes and comments.

Year13’s campaign is a perfect example of how a brand could show the world, what it stands for.


Bushe is a local business based in St. Petersburg – a bakery that serves delicious food. Bushe Bakery wanted to tell their customers that food is not a cause but an occasion. They invited popular food bloggers from around St. Petersburg to post a photo of their most favorite dish from Bushe’s menu on Instagram. Bushe also made use of these photos in their outdoor advertisements to visually show what’s happening at Bushe’s to people. This campaign was also got a huge coverage in Facebook as people shared their Instagram photo tagging Bushe.

Bushe managed to deliver the philosophy of their bakery – one Instagram picture a time.


Nothing does a job like a free beer. Maes Beer, a popular beer brand in Belgium, offered a barrel of beer for free to anyone with the last name “Maes” on Facebook. There was one condition though; the beer had to be shared with 20 other people. This campaign got over 7000 people to change their last names on Facebook. Maes Beer’s Facebook page also received over 75,000 Facebook likes in a single day!


Recruit Military, originally based in Ohio, works with veterans to help them make a comfortable transition to civilian life. Recruit Military’s Facebook campaign, “Find a job Friday”, asked veterans to post the type of job that they were looking for. They replied back with thousands of matching jobs from their boards. This campaign helped Recruit Military multiply the engagement ratio on their Facebook page.

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Burger revolution, a burger shop based in Ontario, really did start a revolution on Facebook with their simple yet effective strategy. They started a trend when they posted the number of remaining burgers for a particular day. This created a sense of urgency amongst customers and increased sales for Burger Revolution. They also follow the tradition of posting the ‘Comment of the Day’, which is a picture of a message that a customer wrote for them, on their Facebook page.


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You don’t need to have a costly PR plan or a top-notch marketing agency backing you up, as long as you know your products and your customers like the back of your hand. Take some inspiration from these local businesses that made it big on Facebook.

Share your favorite Facebook marketing strategy in the comments below.


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