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5 Innovative Ways to Market Your Local Business to Millennials

The so-called millennial generation, comprising of people born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, may be a great target market for your local business. This group of young people is a major consumer group – they are around 77.5 million strong, with $1.7 billion in spending power.

What is great for local businesses is the fact that, according to Randal Research, millennials don’t trust big businesses. Instead, they prefer to know more about where the purchased products are coming from and who is behind them. This article will give you five different strategies to market your local business to this specific target market.

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Running a Small Business Facebook Ad Campaign on a Tight Budget

Globally, there are around 1.79 billion monthly active Facebook users. In case you had any doubts if Facebook is a good ad medium for SMBs, it is too big to ignore! Apart from managing your social content strategy, the best way to tap into the Facebook user base is to use Facebook Advertising. In 2015, Facebook revealed that over 2 million Small and Medium Businesses use Facebook Ads – one more reason to consider using Facebook Advertising.

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Art of Competitor Research: 6 Awesome Tools to Beat Them All

A business owner in any niche is eternally faced with a single challenge – customer acquisition. Whether you have just started a business, or own an established business, the hardest task is to bring new customers. Small business owners who operate locally, face stiff competition from global players, as well as regional competition. For all these obstacles, there are plenty of advantages, especially on the marketing front.

The growing importance of local SEO has numerous advantages. Google displays a lot of individualized results. Its predictive features, enable it to factor in your location and history, to display results that are truly local. Mobile searches are on the rise, as a result location accuracy will also increase. Businesses that improved the reach of their location by just 20% saw their traffic increase by about 450%. Apps development will also follow suit.

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10 Ways To Make Customers Keep Coming Back To Your Store

Hooray! So you had your first line of customers coming in – you have impressed them with your impeccable customer service, they decided to purchase your product and you have shipped the product. What happens next?

When 100 top senior US retail executives were asked “What will be the most significant contributor to your company’s revenue in the next one to three years?”, a staggering 52% of them answered “Customer Retention”. Most SMB’s invest a lot when it comes to acquiring new customers but fail to pay enough attention on devising strategies to retain customers. Unless you give your customers enough reason to come back to your store, they will have no problem switching to your competitor.

We have listed our ten best tips to help you with customer retention!

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