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Make your Local SEO more Effective with Visual Content Marketing

The average attention span of a humble goldfish is nine second – far more than that of an intelligent human! Ever since the mobile revolution, humans face an information overload more often than not. While the ability to multitask has increased in humans, the attention span has come down drastically.

This is a very valuable piece of information for people who want to top SERPs – you have to write content and design a page that will capture your visitor’s attention in less than nine seconds! The more time that an user spends on your site, the more positive vibes Google will get about your site! So, how do you get the visitor’s attention as soon as the land on your page?

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How to Ensure Your Marketing Emails Can Overcome ‘Inbox Blindness’?

Digital marketers are conversant with the term ‘banner blindness’ that refers to the human brain’s natural tendency to blank out the profusion of banner advertisements on virtually each and every website that they visit. Since websites are in the habit of placing advertisements in certain standard locations, visitors can easily mentally blank out those spaces after they have visited innumerable sites – now the advertisements appearing in those spots don’t register with them any longer.

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Top 10 Content Marketing Tools For Local Businesses

Content marketing with high-quality and fruitful outcomes is not an easy affair as it is time-consuming and requires you to put painstaking efforts. To lessen the time and efforts invested in content marketing, now there are several effective tools available that make the road of content marketing smooth and easy for you. But if the high-quality tools are there in the market, then their poor replicas are also available. So you need to be wise enough when selecting a content marketing tool. Here we are going to discuss the top 10 content marketing tools that have proved their significance for local businesses in a convincing manner.

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12 Killer Tactics to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Building a blog is easy, making it successful by drawing significant traffic is a daunting task. After publishing the blog, people expect shares and comments to start rolling in. But when that doesn’t happen, one starts wondering how to increase blog traffic fast. Your blog is competing with hundreds of other blogs. All  bloggers have the same intention: to target potential customers to their respective sites. Standing out with relevant, informative and high quality content is the best way out. Increasing blog traffic is an art and relevant tactics go a long way in increasing popularity and traffic.

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