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Why Google Hates Your Local Business Backlinks


If you own a local business, you’ve had someone try to sell you SEO in the past. There’s a reason. Google has, over the years, brought the world’s information to the fingertips of everyday people. Its’ ranking algorithms have propped up businesses who bring value and contributed to the demise of many local businesses who refuse to keep up. You may have even seen this yourself. Either way, it’s...

5 Ways to Build Links for Local SEO


Small businesses that rely on getting local customers can get a lot of benefits from working on their local SEO. In fact, if you want to attract leads from a certain niche towards your product/service consistently, local SEO is absolutely necessary. More specifically, you’ll need to employ local link building to allow your business to get traffic and help it launch itself on the local map. Links...

How to Find Link Building Opportunities for Local Businesses | Local SEO Checklist Blog


Link building for local businesses requires a different approach than traditional link building. When a business is targeting a particular area or region, driving traffic from the target location will result in more conversions. Traffic from outside of the area the business operates is unlikely to grow the business or generate new customers. Here are 12 ways to help you find local link building...