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Why Every Business Should Have At least 5 Google Reviews

As Google gets more and more user-oriented, reviews are becoming increasingly important in how people decide which service to use. One of the most decisive factors in what makes people trust a business is the aggregate review rating.

When it comes to Google reviews, there seems to be a minimum number that all businesses should have. Not three, not twenty – but at least five.

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Tired of Yelp? Try these Alternatives!

In early 2014, the U.S Federal Trade Commission revealed that they had received more than 2000 complaints about Yelp’s review model and practices. Ever since Yelp has been caught up in a web of allegations and accusations. Starting from the Yelp Sponsorship Program to small business owners blaming Yelp for ruining their businesses, Yelp’s sales tactics and years of controversy has raised concerns about its trustworthiness.

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How To Ensure That Your Business’ Yelp Reviews Don’t Get Filtered?

You did it all for Mike.You went out of the way to ensure the customer is comfortable, offered him complimentary drinks, let him use the poolside even though he wasn’t entitled and also offered him a discount voucher to be redeemed on next visit.

Mike calls you after a day to tell he loved your service and for that reason, he has written a really nice review on Yelp.

Eager to check out his nice review, you log on to Yelp for Business and check your account. Tada, nothing! Five days later, still nothing. Now, you’ve really started to doubt Mike – did he really write a review or did he mistake another business on Yelp for yours?

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Star Wars: Arguments with Bad Reviewers

When it comes to online reviews, should you assume that the customer is always right? It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that businesses live and die by online reviews. In fact, 77% of the people who end up buying a product, read online reviews before making the purchase.

But, how do you handle bad reviews that make no sense at all? Do you argue back or maintain your cool?

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The Business Owners Guide To Bad Review Management

As a business owner, it’s never easy to see someone bash your business online just because of one less-than-perfect experience with your product or service.

Before you call up your lawyer to see if you can win a defamation case against Ms.X for saying so and so, let’s address the issue at hand. Someone was dissatisfied with your product/service and is talking about it.

Now, what are you going to do about this?

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How to deal with Online Review Slander?

The downside of allowing just about anyone to review businesses online is the increased chances of getting bad reviews from a disgruntled customer, or worse, slander from John Doe. These can negate all the good reviews you’ve been getting from your satisfied customers.

Reviews are a way for customers to communicate their experiences to their peers, not to target a business or slander them. If you are monitoring your reviews on a regular basis, and you come across a review that is obviously an attack on your business, there are a couple of things you can do about it.

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