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According to a survey , 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.

With reviews becoming the digital version of word-of-mouth, nearly 9 in 10 customers turn to online reviews to judge the quality of a local business. Having a concrete “Review Us” page on your business website will not only help you get reviews that you can feature on directory sites but also will let you showcase all the reviews that you have got. A “Review Us” page is a great social proof addition that will help you convert potential customers.

If getting good reviews from your customers is one thing, crafting a good “Review Us” page that makes your customers want to read/write reviews is totally another thing. Here’s are a few tips that will help you design a good reviews page.

Showcase your Customer Reviews First

If your “Review Us” page is accessible to all visitors and if it flaunts the reviews that you have already got, your potential customers will need no convincing to trust you. Your “Review Us” page must feature the reviews that you have got on social media sites, Google, and other directory sites. Featuring reviews that you have already got will convince your existing customers to write you a review.

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Give Customers a Choice of Platforms to Write a Review On

First all, it adds to your online visibility if you are present on all major directory sites & social media sites. Second, you wouldn’t want to miss out a customer’s review just by not featuring a review platform. Here’s what you can do – list out all major review platforms with a sign-in option.

best review us pages

Offer Freebies for Writing a Review

A good “Review Us” page must give a reason for your customers to write a review. You can send your customers a discount coupon or redemption points in email after they submit a review. However, be extra careful when doing this because not all review sites are okay with offering incentives for reviews.


Select the Right Review Sites for your Niche

If you are in a construction business, you might want to showcase your business on Houzz, Angie’s List and YellowPages. Also, analyze your social channels to see the review sites that are best suited for your business type and ask for reviews on those sites.

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Have a Social Share Option

Have social share options on your “Review Us” page that allows the customers to share their reviews. If a customer offers you a review, the share option should allow him to post the review on a social media account of his choice.

Let the Customers Select the Location

If you are a multi-location business and if you have social media accounts for different locations, you can let the customers select a location of their choice.

Keep it Simple, Silly!

Don’t make reviewing seem like a daunting task! Don’t provide a lot of instructions and don’t include too many review sites. Ideally, your customer may not be spending more than 2 minutes reviewing you and hence, you must keep the process very simple. Here are some top review sites for small businesses.

best review us pages


Explain Why You Need the Reviews

Explain why you want your customer’s review. Maybe you are looking to offer some insights to other potential customers or you want to improve your services. Whatever may be your reason, make your “Review Us” page look more human by telling your customers the reason. Here’s an example –

“At XYZ & Co, we value your feedback a lot and view your comments as an important part of our growth. Also, we believe your feedback will offer a valuable insight into who we really are, to our potential customers. Review us and we’ll send you a discount voucher for $5!”

Best "review us" page

Encourage Negative Reviews Too

Don’t be afraid to feature negative reviews! To err is human and all modern customers realize this fact. If you want your business to look more human, feature negative reviews on your “Review Us” page – along with your response to it. This will not only show your proactiveness when it comes to making customers happy but will also make your page look more natural.

Here’s a business owners’ guide to bad review management, if you need some tips on managing the not-so-nice reviews. You may also need help in crafting review responses for those nasty reviews.

 Add News About Your Services

It is a good idea to add links to your best products/services that customers continuously talk about in featured reviews. If you have had a lot of customers praise a particular employee in reviews, you can show how you have appreciated the work of that employee. Also, if you have made changes or improved your product you might want to mention it too! Adding a small paragraph about how you have taken positive action based on a review will let your customers know that you take the reviews about your business seriously.

Don’t have a “Review Us” page or a business website? You can still get your customers write a review for you with Synup’s Review Handout Generator.

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