Google Search Update : Exciting Changes in the Knowledge Panel for TV Shows!

Rejoice TV Series Addicts! Google seems to have brought in pretty exciting changes in the knowledge panel as far as TV series are concerned. Here are two important changes to the knowledge panel that happened last week –

“On TV Soon”

Google has included a new section in the knowledge panel – “On TV Soon”!
When users search for TV series and shows, Google may show details about the next airing of that series, the time and the network it will be on.


Also, the episode that will be playing “On TV Soon” will be displayed. When you click on an episode, the knowledge graph for it will be shown.

Like and Dislike Buttons

Google knowledge panel will feature thumbs up and thumbs down icons to upvote or downvote a TV series or a movie. Here’s an example –

Twitter - @danlev
Twitter – @danlev

Both the changes have not been rolled out extensively (or it appears so!). A lot of users are still seeing the old knowledge panel for TV shows. While the “On TV soon” update was confirmed by Google’s Satyajeet Salgar, we will have to wait and watch if the Like & Dislike button becomes a prominent feature.

In another recent update, Google seems to be exhibiting an inconsistent pattern while displaying the review counts for lodging properties. While for some lodging properties, the review count is being displayed, some properties do not show the review count. Read more about this Google Search update here.

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