The Impact of Technology and Social Media On Your Work

The effects of technology are undeniable. It immediately creeps its way into the workplace and into the consciousness of the people regardless of their positions or titles. The rise of social media experienced a phenomenal rise as a communicative tool, transcending traditional boundaries. Here’s how technology and specifically, social media impact our work and workplace.

The Connected Employee

Social media is inescapable. That’s the current reality because even the company needs a presence on it. The target audience, which is unique to every organization, is on social media. So, your business should penetrate this realm, too. And, even before you decide it’s a necessity, your employees had already realized this. In fact, you might not know it, but they are checking their social profiles during work time.

Don’t fret though because there is value in using social media while working. In a study commissioned by Evolv, it discovers that employees who frequent their social accounts are more productive than those who don’t wander on these platforms. The social users also tend to be more satisfied with their working environment. This increases the chance of minimizing turnover specifically for the key positions. While doing social, further, the employees are able to multitask. As reported, there is also the enhanced comfort level in using software and other related technologies.

Such results debunk the long-held myth that social media use actually diminishes the overall performance and productivity of the employees. There are many published studies which claim that social media use has negative effects. Some studies even argue that the use of such activity adds time to finish a task on hand. It also takes away the value of productivity. Overall productivity can be only increased if the value is increased and the time to create such value is decreased.

The Disengaged Company

In essence, once the productivity of the people diminishes, the wellbeing of the organization is somehow affected negatively. Not to mention, it can be reputation-damaging, too. Unless you have social media usage policy in place that is implemented seriously, you won’t be able to control the activities that your employees may engage into. Mind you, the statistics of employees who got fired due to ranting or berating others on social media is growing.

social media

Indeed, misuse is highly possible. The reason is that employees are left to guess which conducts are permissible by the management and which are not. With the lack of policies stipulating the proper use of social media while at work, the company is running the risk of facing legal ramifications in the future. An imperative is creating, distributing, and enforcing a comprehensive policy. This will allow the firm to take advantage of the benefits of using social media and protect itself against various legal risks at the same time.

With or without a social media policy in place, though, it is the responsibility of any employee to self-regulate. After all, he is in the workplace and engaging to use social media during office hours must be considered in moderation. You maximize the value and minimize the negative impact. If you really need to be on social media, make sure that your productivity will not suffer. It is every diligent employee’s role to put his duties first before anything else.

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