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Most small and medium sized businesses operate over a large area. With this comes a predicament that ranges between “a slight problem” and “a big dilemma” for business owners:

Does every branch of your business located across a widespread area need a separate Facebook Page of its own?

Take Joe, for instance, who has a couple of automobile workshops situated across the state of California. Each of his branches located across the state is handled from a single Facebook Page. Joe probably prefers having one particular flagship place to handle his online presence. It is basically less hassle. So, why would a business owner like Joe have to consider having separate Facebook Pages for each of his workshops located across California?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of having separate accounts for multiple locations.

Pros of having separate Facebook Pages

  1. A majority of searches today are of local intent. As opposed to your singular Facebook Page that has just one location, any search would lead to the relevant Facebook Page based on the location of the user.
  2. You get more online citations by having separate Facebook Pages for each location of your business, aside from your flagship page. This will give you a larger presence on search engines and the Facebook Search.
  3. You generate more reviews! Having separate pages would also help customers give reviews that are specific to the products/services of that particular location. You’re making it easier for your customers.
  4. You can reap the benefit of a barnacle SEO. Barnacle SEO is best described as a method for businesses to increase their search results through a connection with another site. By creating multiple Facebook Pages, it will significantly increase your chances of appearing on Local SEO searches.
  5. You can also tailor your content marketing strategies location-wise. Content that is relevant to one location might not be so for others.
  6. Considering how the Facebook Check-in option could boost your online presence, there is an obvious benefit if people are checking into your business from multiple locations.

separate Facebook Pages

Cons of having separate Facebook Pages

  1. Managing several pages is a hassle. If you do not have a dedicated social media/marketing person, you may not have the time to publish content to so many pages.
  2. A downside to having multiple Facebook Pages is managing the reviews and responding to them. 
  3. An expressed concern was dealing with inconsistencies in the NAP information provided across different platforms and tools linked to your business other than Facebook, for example your Google My Business page.

Despite these speed bumps, having “Unique Facebook Pages for each Business Location is the right way to go about your Facebook marketing strategy.” Unless your pages have an abysmal number of likes, 50 likes or under – in which case having multiple pages would do you no good.

Unique Facebook Pages for each Business Location is the right way to go about your Facebook marketing strategy.

Pro-Tip: Use the Facebook Locations tool. This allows you to add your various  locations to your flagship page. Once the location page is created, the page name, profile picture, cover photo of your main page will appear by default. This way you can manage NAP details from one accessible dashboard.


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