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5 Ways to Build Links for Local SEO


Small businesses that rely on getting local customers can get a lot of benefits from working on their local SEO. In fact, if you want to attract leads from a certain niche towards your product/service consistently, local SEO is absolutely necessary. More specifically, you’ll need to employ local link building to allow your business to get traffic and help it launch itself on the local map. Links...

Content Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business Brand


A successful marketing campaign needs to have a strong customer base, and for a small business to build a brand, it becomes difficult to compete against industry giants, and ultimately they miss the mark. However, the challenges faced by them can be overcome with proper planning and strategizing in the right direction. With content marketing tactics you can bridge this gap to create a brand...

How to Use Instagram Stories to Market Your Business | Local SEO Checklist Blog


Despite getting launched 3 years after Snapchat, the Stories feature has managed to surpass the former in terms of popularity. In just 8 months of launch, Instagram Stories garnered 200 million users which is 40 million more users than Snapchat. With everyone being on Instagram Stories these days, this social media platform is surely riding high. Since the time it was launched, Instagram Stories...

How to Find Link Building Opportunities for Local Businesses | Local SEO Checklist Blog


Link building for local businesses requires a different approach than traditional link building. When a business is targeting a particular area or region, driving traffic from the target location will result in more conversions. Traffic from outside of the area the business operates is unlikely to grow the business or generate new customers. Here are 12 ways to help you find local link building...

4 Important Google My Business updates you must know | Local SEO Checklist Blog


Keeping up with Google My Business (GMB) updates can help you optimize your business listing on the most-used local search engine out there. Google is constantly trying to enhancing user experience for Google My Business users and for those who search for business information online. If you leverage these new features and updates, you can make your listings more interactive and improve customer...

The 7 Step Local SEO Course | Local SEO Checklist Blog


Optimizing a business for local SEO requires you focus on on-page elements of the business’ website. Beyond this, you need to work on link building, citation building and social media as well. If you were searching for a quick local SEO course that will help you understand what search engines expect from the business that you’re managing, you’ve come to the right place. We get sales calls where...

Local SEO Audit For Businesses | Local SEO Checklist Blog


In this digital age, almost every business has an online presence. Business owners naturally look to capitalize on this, and generate as many leads as possible. However, it is widely acknowledged that this cannot be done by simply hosting a website for your business. There are certain calculated, proven processes that can help your business get the kind of online traction that you want, and...

Top 7 reasons SEO Is a wise investment for your business | Local SEO Checklist Blog


Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices can greatly improve your business’ search engine rankings and eventually, lead generation. Assigning the best keywords and anticipating the way customers search for your business are important strategies for online marketing. Similar to traditional marketing techniques, SEO cannot happen haphazardly and requires constant and steady investment of...