Tired of Yelp? Try these Alternatives!

In early 2014, the U.S Federal Trade Commission revealed that they had received more than 2000 complaints about Yelp’s review model and practices. Ever since Yelp has been caught up in a web of allegations and accusations. Starting from the Yelp Sponsorship Program to small business owners blaming Yelp for ruining their businesses, Yelp’s sales tactics and years of controversy has raised concerns about its trustworthiness.

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Running a Small Business Facebook Ad Campaign on a Tight Budget

Globally, there are around 1.79 billion monthly active Facebook users. In case you had any doubts if Facebook is a good ad medium for SMBs, it is too big to ignore! Apart from managing your social content strategy, the best way to tap into the Facebook user base is to use Facebook Advertising. In 2015, Facebook revealed that over 2 million Small and Medium Businesses use Facebook Ads – one more reason to consider using Facebook Advertising.

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How To Ensure That Your Business’ Yelp Reviews Don’t Get Filtered?

You did it all for Mike.You went out of the way to ensure the customer is comfortable, offered him complimentary drinks, let him use the poolside even though he wasn’t entitled and also offered him a discount voucher to be redeemed on next visit.

Mike calls you after a day to tell he loved your service and for that reason, he has written a really nice review on Yelp.

Eager to check out his nice review, you log on to Yelp for Business and check your account. Tada, nothing! Five days later, still nothing. Now, you’ve really started to doubt Mike – did he really write a review or did he mistake another business on Yelp for yours?

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Location Management and its Impact on Local SEO


Long time ago, when Google displayed organic results, all that mattered was how your website ranked in comparison with others. Back then, local businesses had two options – to rank well with their own websites or get a good listing to ensure the business beat the competition. But, with the rise in number of mobile users and evolution of search algorithms, Google and other search engines want to display the most relevant information to the customers.

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Make your Local SEO more Effective with Visual Content Marketing

The average attention span of a humble goldfish is nine second – far more than that of an intelligent human! Ever since the mobile revolution, humans face an information overload more often than not. While the ability to multitask has increased in humans, the attention span has come down drastically.

This is a very valuable piece of information for people who want to top SERPs – you have to write content and design a page that will capture your visitor’s attention in less than nine seconds! The more time that an user spends on your site, the more positive vibes Google will get about your site! So, how do you get the visitor’s attention as soon as the land on your page?

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What’s in Store for Local SEO with Google Possum Update?

Possum is a cute little mammal that pretends to be dead when it is threatened. Thanks to possums, “playing possum” is a popular phrase that is used when something remains unnoticed.

Like, “Hey, my Google My Business listings are playing possum!”

Yes, that is what this update is all about. That is also why Phil Rozek suggested this name which is so fitting because this update makes people think that their Google My Business listing has disappeared when it has not.

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Star Wars: Arguments with Bad Reviewers

When it comes to online reviews, should you assume that the customer is always right? It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that businesses live and die by online reviews. In fact, 77% of the people who end up buying a product, read online reviews before making the purchase.

But, how do you handle bad reviews that make no sense at all? Do you argue back or maintain your cool?

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How To Craft the Best “Review Us” Pages

According to a survey , 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.

With reviews becoming the digital version of word-of-mouth, nearly 9 in 10 customers turn to online reviews to judge the quality of a local business. Having a concrete “Review Us” page on your business website will not only help you get reviews that you can feature on directory sites but also will let you showcase all the reviews that you have got. A “Review Us” page is a great social proof addition that will help you convert potential customers.

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Art of Competitor Research: 6 Awesome Tools to Beat Them All

A business owner in any niche is eternally faced with a single challenge – customer acquisition. Whether you have just started a business, or own an established business, the hardest task is to bring new customers. Small business owners who operate locally, face stiff competition from global players, as well as regional competition. For all these obstacles, there are plenty of advantages, especially on the marketing front.

The growing importance of local SEO has numerous advantages. Google displays a lot of individualized results. Its predictive features, enable it to factor in your location and history, to display results that are truly local. Mobile searches are on the rise, as a result location accuracy will also increase. Businesses that improved the reach of their location by just 20% saw their traffic increase by about 450%. Apps development will also follow suit.

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Optimize your WordPress Site for Local SEO

If you run a local business, there is a high chance that you have used WordPress to build your site. WordPress is so popular and powerful that it powers about 50% of the whole Internet! Because it is versatile and easy to learn, a lot of small business sites run on WordPress.

Better still, WordPress has a robust SEO platform off the shelf. With WordPress fueling a considerable amount of the Web, Google ensures that their search engine crawls all WordPress sites. Yet, you must not leave all the local SEO work to be taken care of by WordPress. All that layering of CMS, content, plugins and themes can get the search engines confused of you don’t takes steps to put it all in an orderly manner.

These tips will help you optimize your WordPress site for local SEO.

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